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JNTUCEK Alumni Listing

Welcome to JNTUCEK Alumni Services.

The Alumni Database contains information about the Alumni and Current Students of J.N.T.U. College of Engineering, Kakinada.

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The features available are:

  • Alumni Directory: Comprehensive Alumni Directory organized by year, category and last name

  • New User Sign Up: In order to enter your profile into the database, you must either be a past or a current student of the College. If you are, then please use this feature to sign up and enter your profile.

  • Alumni Recent News: Recent News of Alumni. To enter/update/modify your message, click the Update User Profile link and go to the Comments/Recent News section.

  • Alumni Database Search: Use this feature if you wish to search for a particular alumni/present student by username, lastname, firstname, rollno, category or email id. You can also use this feature if you have forgotten your username.

  • Update User Profile: You can come back anytime, login and change/update your profile. Please use this feature as often as you can so that other alumni will always know your present whereabouts, job, happenings etc. etc. You can also change your password using this feature.

  • Retrieve your lost password: If you have forgotten your password, you can use this feature to retrieve your lost password. There are two options available to you:
    • Retrieve password by answering the 'Forgot Password Question' which you provided at the time of signing up.
    • Have the password sent to the Email ID which you provided at the time of signing up.



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